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When it is time to do Faster EFT tapping?

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When is the best time to start your Faster EFT tapping? When an event happens in your life that causes you to feel stressed emotions, do NOT tap just because you are upset and you don’t want to be upset. The feeling of being upset is just the indicator that there is something here to help you heal. Think about what is upsetting you. Think about other times something like that has happened and how upset you were then. Imagine future events just like this happening too. Do or say whatever you need to in your head so that you […]

Is positive thinking healthy?

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Is positive thinking healthy?  No, not if you are not feeling positive! You must stay true to yourself, or you will just add more stress to your body.  When something in your life triggers a stressed response, you do NOT want to push it under and try to think something positive.  If you do this, your body will hold on to the stress and your brain will know you are lying, you can’t fool your subconscious. (The following is written with the assumption that you know about Faster EFT.  If you want to learn about Faster EFT click on the […]

If you don’t like your life, change something!

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Isn’t it curious that we will say we wish our lives were different, but we don’t DO anything different to get a different life?  It is time to decide to DO something different, and often that means trying something you haven’t tried before. Recently I had an old friend visit and tell me that she didn’t want to try Faster EFT to change her life.  She has wished to not have depressing days, stress, anxiety over family member’s decisions etc. for years!  Even though she is miserable and sees no hope for feeling better doing what she is doing […]

Stop Worrying Today and Forever

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What is worry, really?  Worry is simply YOU creating a bad movie or movies in your mind.   The things you are deciding to create in your mind are not real or true!  You can just as easily create good possibilities and outcomes for situations, correct? For instance, lets say your teenager is late getting home.  You can choose to run scenarios of them with the wrong crowd, with someone you told them not to be with, got in an accident etc.  Maybe you just remember them NOT getting home on time last week and how you told them that […]