If you don’t like your life, change something!

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Isn’t it curious that we will say we wish our lives were different, but we don’t DO anything different to get a different life?  It is time to decide to DO something different, and often that means trying something you haven’t tried before.

Recently I had an old friend visit www.emotional-fitness.com and tell me that she didn’t want to try Faster EFT to change her life.  She has wished to not have depressing days, stress, anxiety over family member’s decisions etc. for years!  Even though she is miserable and sees no hope for feeling better doing what she is doing now, she won’t let me help her.

A wise man once said, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.”  We MUST choose to do something different, if we want different results.

If you are unhappy with how you deal with the stress in your life, watch some of the videos here on this site and apply what you learn.  Many of them you can just change the wording to fit your situation.  You WILL see things start changing right away.

Even I have a Faster EFT practitioner that I have sessions with because my subconscious keeps me from addressing some of my own “stuff.”  If you want to address all the past references that are causing you to be emotionally triggered today, it is best to schedule a session with me.

If you are spending money on anti-depressants, weight loss pills and products, counseling appointments, pain medication etc., then you will save a LOT of money in the long run, because we will work together to STOP your need for most, if not all, medications eventually.

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