The Living Free Technique

The "Living Free Technique"™ = Antivirus for the Brain

I love Faster-EFT, it has revolutionized my approach to life and changed all my relationships for the better too.

As an application for personal development; dealing with difficult relationships; weight-loss and addictions; Faster-EFT (Faster Emotionally FocusedTransformations) is one of my favorite tools. As a emotional fitness coach, I have combined the parts of F-EFT that align with my personal beliefs with gems from other healthy-emotional fitness methods and developed the Living Free Technique — a trademarked practice, unique in emotional fitness arena.

If you need coaching concerning issues in a family member or loved one that is practicing destructive habits, like drug abuse; drinking; irresponsible choices, etc., then I can also educate you to examine the core needs of that individual so that you can understand better where they are coming from and possibly break through to them and help them change their course.

I focus on showing you how to change your subconscious programs, because what your subconscious holds to be true will determine how you live your life and make decisions.  You MUST change what you believe deep down inside, knowing something isn’t true doesn’t change the memories and programs that are running in the background.

For those that practice prayer, I can also integrate my training in the listening prayer ministry.  Many people do not believe they can “hear” God or feel guidance from the Divine.  I can help you learn to hear the still small voice and feel encouragement from the Divine.

What is the "Living Free Technique"™?

The "Living Free Technique"™ is comprised of many methods that I am trained in and also some methods I have developed myself. I implement things I have learned from Robert G Smith, Bob Doyle, Anthony Robbins, books on how our mind & body works together, and many other training programs I have studied. I have gleaned what works and what fits in with my personal beliefs.  I do not push any religious belief system by the way, I work within the belief system you already have.  My aim is the help you and help you help your loved ones along with training you to continue to help yourself.

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