Faster EFT Tapping Method

What is Faster EFT?

Faster EFT is a method of meridian tapping along with a healing belief system created by Robert Smith, that I believe is MUCH easier and even more effective than any other healing method I have heard of.  This method is called Faster EFT even though it is not really EFT at all.  (Faster EFT stands for Faster Emotionally Focused Transformation)

Faster EFT Belief System

The Faster EFT belief system is that we are all operating successfully based on our own internal belief system. Your belief system is built from your past experiences which are all filed away in your subconscious. Everything you have ever heard or experienced is recorded in your brain, and you use that information without even knowing it to make every day decisions and to react to situations that come up.

Watch this and hear a surgeon tell how he helps “hopeless” patients. You will hear testimonies of others that have overcome serious addictions, fears and phobias along with permanently lose weight. (Check out our Faster EFT for Weight Loss page!)

Faster EFT is similar EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in the sense that it uses meridian points when tapping, but the belief system behind FEFT creates healing that lasts.  My experience with Gary Craig’s EFT is that it works at resolving stress and issues at the moment, but it may take months or years to overcome an addiction etc. and you may never change how you react to the past.  EFT believes all kinds of things about energy etc. that is not a part of FEFT.  I tried EFT for a short time, and I realized it was just a coping method for me. Faster EFT went deep and addressed the emotional triggers attached to memories and beliefs and QUICKLY cured many of my long term issues in one afternoon.

How Is Faster EFT Different?

With Faster EFT, instead of tapping all the meridian points like traditional EFT, you only tap between your eyes (BE), the side of your eye (SE), under your eye (UE), your collar bone (CB) and then hold your wrist, breath deep and say “peace.”   We also don’t do the “Even though…” and all the other scripts.

What you say will vary, but if you are in a hurry you can just imagine what is going on that is disturbing you and then just say, “let it go” at each tapping point and then after you say, “peace” you can evaluate the intensity again.  You keep tapping until it is gone.  Please watch some of the demonstration videos on this site for examples.

Are There Long Term Results?

Long term results will come with getting to the bottom of the trigger.  You can watch hundreds of YouTube videos of Robert Smith tapping on others and speaking about the belief system, and get changes.  

Would You Like To Quickly Get Through This?

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