Getting Control

Do you feel out of control?

If you, or someone in your family … perhaps a friend is feeling out-of-control … feeling like life is unreal, distorted or just unmanageable … chances are that I or another coach on our team can share some quick-acting, insights that will help them get control of those surreal or sad feelings.

I have spent a lifetime researching and applying cutting-edge discoveries from neuroscience; physiology; quantum physics; philosophy and contemporary religion with the goal of helping others. All the study and philosophy comes together in the educational process we simply call emotional-fitness.

The thing I like best about our training is that we help you learn to do the emotional-fitness processes for yourself.  Because we teach you emotional fitness skills, you quickly become self-helping and don’t end up attached to myself or another staff member … always wanting us to come up with some new insight into your life. We share our processes … so you can share your health and the process with others.  Cool huh!

Please, check-out the site and watch the videos and testimonies. If you feel like this might be an answer for you, family member or friend … we can schedule a 10 -15 minute call or Skype session to discuss how we might serve you.

Allow me to close by saying that I and all of trainers have been in those dark, ugly places ourselves and know how to coach people out of those dark spots we all fall into.

Here’s wishing you balance and wellness,

Terence Irvine, MS, Human Relations

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