Is positive thinking healthy?

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Is positive thinking healthy?  No, not if you are not feeling positive!

You must stay true to yourself, or you will just add more stress to your body.  When something in your life triggers a stressed response, you do NOT want to push it under and try to think something positive.  If you do this, your body will hold on to the stress and your brain will know you are lying, you can’t fool your subconscious.

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It IS healthy to focus on what you are feeling and where you are feeling it.  If you are not alone and can’t focus and deal with it, then as soon as you can excuse yourself and get alone.  You can even excuse yourself and go to a bathroom to be alone.

Once alone, think about what upset you, focus on the situation and any fears or anxieties you have about it.  Don’t avoid the stress, feel it as strong as you can, get it over with!  Now is a good time to tap to release and let it go.  Imagine a bunch of balloons floating away, pay attention to your fingers as you tap, listen to what you are saying – even if you can’t speak out loud because you are in a public restroom.  That’s correct, just release and let it all go, it is safe to let it go.

Don’t give your personal power away to others or situations that you perceive to be stressful or bad.  Embrace the situation, use it to train you to let go of what you can not control anyway.

Now is a good time to think positive! 🙂 Ha!  Now go to that wonderful peaceful place in your mind.  Feel your lips turning into a smile and take a deep breath…. Peace

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