Stop Worrying Today and Forever

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What is worry, really?  Worry is simply YOU creating a bad movie or movies in your mind.   The things you are deciding to create in your mind are not real or true!  You can just as easily create good possibilities and outcomes for situations, correct?

For instance, lets say your teenager is late getting home.  You can choose to run scenarios of them with the wrong crowd, with someone you told them not to be with, got in an accident etc.  Maybe you just remember them NOT getting home on time last week and how you told them that better not happen again.   You start to imagine argument that will happen when they get home etc.

Whatever the circumstance, YOU are in charge of your thoughts.  You can choose positive thoughts or you can choose upsetting thoughts.  Do the upsetting thoughts make you feel better?  How many times have you come up with several upsetting scenarios and then none of them coming true?  Think how much better it would have been for you and others involved if you had not chosen to get all worked up about the negative possibilities but instead chose to think up positive scenarios?

What is the worst that can happen if you choose to think of positive outcomes to situations?  Okay, the worst that could happen is that you are wrong. LOL  So what?  Let’s say you made the good choice to imagine positive scenarios and then a perceived negative thing happens.  Because you are already in a mindset of choosing positive thoughts and emotions, when the perceived negative does happen, you know how to again choose to imagine how you can use the negative experience in a positive way.

No matter what, by choosing NOT to worry you will immediately relieve the stress in your life and in the lives of those around you.  You become the positive force that starts positive things in motion.  Choose today to be positive, choose today to change the negative movies in your mind to positive images.

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