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Below is a truly effective detox supplement

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Colloidal Silver

Genuine Colloidal Silver
* 20 - 25 PPM of IONIC Silver by volume
* May be used internally or externally
* Used to treat a wide variety of viral, bacterial and fungal issues
* Sold here as one 5ML bottle + one empty spray bottle
* Is a powerful Anti-oxidant: They bind and hold charged, toxic particles and carries them from the body

It is currently a grass-roots remedy used to control infection in wounds; applied to warts to kill fungal outbreaks or viruses that may be causing the warts, used on cysts; in-grown nails, tooth infections, and scaly scalp) to inhibit these sites from growing bacteria, viruses and fungi.
It has now been established that only IONIC Silver (ONLY Ionic Colloidal Silver) can kill or disable the bio-reproduction in upwards of 650+ kinds of bacteria AND it is speculated by scientists from a range of professional specialties (biochemistry, medicine, virology, pathology, etc.) that CS can PROBABLY KILL many hundreds or even thousands of other kinds ..but has not been tested against them.