About Terry and Tracie Irvine

Terry and Tracie are Certified Level lll, Faster-EFT practitioners. We work as Emotional Fitness Coaches.

Tracie learned to overcome the emotional, physical and relational traumas from her past that affected her life on a daily basis by using tools she learned from her Faster EFT certification and training in other healing methods.

She also developed a non-dieting, non-exercise process for lasting weight loss and went from a size 16/18 to a size 4/6 and using the tools from her 'Living Free Technique', that she now practices exclusively.

Tracie or Terry will work with you to change ALL the uncomfortable, troubling events from your past and current circumstances that are negatively affecting your life.

We train you in the tools to help yourself and offer our Emotional Fitness Coaching services if you wish for someone to come along side you to help you along the way.  Faster-EFT has helped individuals overcome years of addictions, PTSD, haunting memories, rape, feelings of hopelessness and depression, anger issues, fibromyalgia, and even physical pain from surgery and accidents!

Every client we have worked with has dramatically improved the quality of their life as a result of our sessions.  To that end, we GUARANTEE our work by offering a money back guarantee.

Using the tools we will share with you, you can begin focusing on what you enjoy in life and pursuing dreams, instead of allowing your circumstances to bog you down and interrupt your life.  Any time you are feeling stressed, depressed, happy or angry your brain is sending your body signals to feel that way. If stressed or angry, you may feel your heart race or pressure in your head etc.  If happy or elated, your brain commands your body to pump endorphins into the system telling you that you feel good. 

We will teach you now to interrupt those stressed messages from your brain so that you can think clearly and be in control instead of your emotions controlling you!  You will be able to choose to focus on positive thoughts and events, instead of reacting to your perception of the negative.

For us, focusing on the Jesus brings us peace and joy, so we focus on His teachings and make positive choices and steps in life. When we train you, you are free to choose whatever positive thoughts you want to occupy your days. Just clearing up your negative emotions will clear the way to allow you to discover a path of peace and hope. We never attempt to change your religious or non-religious beliefs, We only work within the individuals belief system. The focus is always on changing the negative emotional memories (negative charges) to past and present events/issues or and fears of the future.

"I (Tracie) no longer fill my days and nights with the question, "Why... did this or that happen to me?" Now I understand that the laws of the universe are such that we all have free-will. Sometimes my free will hurts others, and sometimes others free-will hurts me. Actually, I find my own free-will usually hurts me the most!! When I choose to focus on negative emotions and events, I hurt myself and those in relationship with me.

Thanks to Faster EFT's integration into my 'Living Free Technique', I can release the negative emotional charges to the events in my past, present and future and move on with forgiveness and love for others and myself.  

Isn't it time you invested in yourself so that you can do the same?"

Again, every single person we've coached has improved the quality of their life.  The only people we can't help are the ones that are not willing to follow our instructions.  The process is neither difficult, nor hard to learn. In fact, even children old enough to obey simple instructions can do the processes. This works, period.

Today is the day to invest in yourself.  You will not only change your own life, you will impact the lives of all those around you too. Won't it be fun to hear what a pleasant, new person you are!

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