Addictions Gone!

Robert G Smith took a few of his top Faster EFT practitioners to Habilitat, a drug addiction treatment center in Hawaii, recently and many of the people there experienced amazing changes!  Robert has developed an addiction protocol that really works miracles.

Watch the videos below and be inspired!  If you, or someone you know, is struggling with any kind of addiction, drugs, alcohol, food etc., then schedule an appointment and let get your life going the direction you wish for it to go.

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Beating the addiction to Crystal Meth Experiment with Faster EFT tapping solution.

Changing Really Bad Memories

The faster EFT Addiction Experiment

You will see clips of before and after his FEFT session.  Keep watching the print on the video to see clips of him before and after the session how he answers the questions.
This is Robert with some of the team he took with him to Habilitat, talking about the amazing results they experienced using the FEFT addiction protocol.
Below is an interview with a lady that came to one of Robert's transformational weekends in Oklahoma. I was there for this event and had the pleasure of watching her transformation.
Below is Robert G Smith, creator of FEFT, now called Eutaptics, teaching about what we do in our heads...

If you are struggling with negative thoughts that just won't go away, then try out the Belief Buster process below.  This was developed based on the FEFT/Eutaptics method.

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Belief Buster Process


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