Faster EFT for Weight Loss

Faster EFT for Weight Loss, is it really possible?

What is Faster EFT?

Faster EFT is a method of meridian tapping along with a healing belief system created by Robert Smith, that I believe is MUCH easier and even more effective than any other healing method I have heard of.  This method is called Faster EFT even though it is not really EFT at all.  (Faster EFT stands for Faster Emotionally Focused Transformation)

Faster EFT Belief System

The Faster EFT belief system is that we are all operating successfully based on our own internal belief system. Your belief system is built from your past experiences which are all filed away in your subconscious. Everything you have ever heard or experienced is recorded in your brain, and you use that information without even knowing it to make every day decisions and to react to situations that come up.

Watch the video below to learn more about how FEFT can help you lose weight, but ONLY if you use it correctly.  

(This video was done for Tracie's other website, http://living-free-life-academy.thinkific.com/)

Faster EFT for weight loss - Does it work? Yes, no, sometimes.

In the video above Tracie shares how she used Faster EFT to go from a size 16/18 to a size 4/6. She used the FEFT thinking system and tapping points, along with other helpful methods, to create her No Diet Method for weight loss.

You must use FasterEFT and the FEFT thinking system correctly in order to actually lose weight, keep it off and stop dieting for the rest of your life. The No Diet Method has the blueprint for doing this.

* Learn how to stop your food cravings and addictions
* Discover, and change, subconscious programs from past experiences
* Discover, and change, subconscious programs you have about your weight and your body
* Change all the subconscious programs created due to coping with the stuff from your past and thoughts about your weight
* Remove bad habits created due to years of being driven by old subconscious programs
* Discover what is really healthy for YOU, not what others say is healthy for you
* Stop dieting, so your body doesn't have that stress causing you to hold on to fat
* Learn to love your body, as it is now
* Change how you respond to stressful events and people in your life today (Stress = Fat Storage)
* Create daily habits that you love to do
* Love food and look forward to eating every time you are hungry

It's all about removing bad mind programs and rewiring your body for fat loss.  It incorporates Faster EFT for weight loss, along with several other methods to create your plan for permanent weight loss.

Would You Like To Quickly Get Through This?

If you want to get changes quickly, you need a personal coach to help you.  If you would like us to help you untangle the subconscious programs messing up your life, then use the link below, and we can do it together!  


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Learning to love yourself and your body is KEY to both losing weight and keeping it off.

I don't really have pictures of me just standing so you can see my figure.  I was so embarrased about my figure, I didn't even undress in front of my husband.   Even as I was losing weight, I couldn't tell accept that I had to keep buying smaller clothing, because in my head I was still fat.

The beauty of the Living Free Technique is that we not only change the subconscious programs that tell you body to hold on to weight, but we also address the programs that cause you to eat too much, eat things you know you shouldn't eat at the time, AND your perceptions about yourself.   

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