Sick of Life?

Are you sick of life?

I used to be sick of life too.  So hurting, depressed and sad that at times I wanted to end my life.  I secretly wished for cancer or some other deadly disease so that I could escape life without actually killing myself. I felt trapped in my pain; unable to move-on beyond my hurt... I just despaired for many years. Fortunately, I loved my family way too much to ever hurt myself.

Does some area of your life feel nearly unbearable? Do thoughts or horrible memories of a some event come to mind and they just don't ever stop and leave you alone? Do you have physical pain so overpowering that it cripples you and makes you wish you weren't around to feel it?

If so, we're truly sorry for you. Been there; done that and know how wretched it feels. However, the good news is that if you feel that way, you are primed and ready for change.  :-)

Can Things Really Change For Me?

Fortunately, I found out, just like you are about to, that I could readily the change way I feel, by changing my perception of ugly events in my life that my brain haunted me with on a daily basis.  I could strip painful memories of their emotional power, without stripping the memory of details.

Changing how your brain accesses unhappy information from your past, which you subconsciously use as a reference for your current behavior will change your life starting today!

Try This Little Experiment

Let's try a little experiment to prove I'm right: Are you having sad or hurtful memories today? What is the main thought that is causing you to feel bad?  Can you focus a painful thought clearly in your mind? Now that you are focusing one painful thought, don't you feel even worse? Can you amplify the thought even more? If you do, you'll feel more miserable still.

Now, stop focusing on the bad thoughts and think of something that makes you happy. Close your eyes and picture yourself in a happy siutation.  Just imagine that happy thing for 30 seconds. Maybe  it's a party, holding a baby, playing with a dog or cat friend. How do you feel now?  Are you smiling?  Don't you feel much better by imagining the pleasant circumstance?  Of course, you do.  The happy thought activated neuro-receptors in your brain that told your body that you were reliving the joy of that moment. So you felt good.

Let Us Help You!

We can work with you to relieve pressing, nearly overwhelming painful experiences and at the same time train you how to serve-yourself with a simplified version of the process to eliminate the pain of events that crop up in life every day.

Go over to this page, http://emotional-fitness.com/faster-tapping-method/ and watch some of those videos to see how we can help you change your sadness and depression into a happy and joyful life. Once you're done there, come back here and use this link to Schedule a FREE introductory session and let us take the pain out of one of your painful memories. You don't have to come to our office or drive across town. We can do phone consultations and prefer to work on Skype so that you can relax and get better in the privacy of your home!  We're offering this FREE demonstration ... because we just like showing-off how great the processes works.

And don't worry ...we won't be asking for a penny ... nor to hold a credit card number on file or ask you to cancel after 30 days if you aren't satisfied.  So leave your wallet in the car or the other side of the house. We want to demonstrate our power to help you first and then, allow you to schedule your first session after you have seen how totally amazing the process is.

We also are offering our belief buster process within our Mind for Success kit for FREE!  You can do the process, over and over again as often as you want!  Simply follow the "Get Instant Access" link and sign up. You will not get any emails asking you to purchase anything, ever.

Depression is a skill, a belief, an attitude. What do you do to support your depression? You've spent a lifetime practicing it!  Be persistent in addressing, and releasing your skill to produce depression.  Ask for help. Don't give up until its completely gone.

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