Healing Testimonies

Pain can be a physical pain or an emotional pain, but all pain causes stress and stress is the leading cause of illness and disease.   All pain can be helped by practicing the Faster EFT (Faster Emotionally Focused Transformation) technique.

People have overcome Fibromyalgia, tremendous trauma memories, and all kinds of illnesses and disease.  The brain is an incredible healing device that most never learn to tap.

Below are some video testimonies given by folks that use Faster EFT.  Some are testimonies after just one session, some are from people who started with a practitioner and then tapped on their own with sessions off and on for a year to get to the bottom of the emotional triggers that were controlling their lives. 

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Heather's amazing transformation

We personally witnessed Heather's transformation and we still know Heather today. Pay attention to what she says about 15-16 minutes in. She shares how she stays well, how she keeps all the problems from returning.

Unlearn Your Pain

Linda's Life Totally Changed!

Even Phycologists Do FEFT

Better Than Talk Therapy

Over 15 Months Of Pain Ended

Weight Loss - Living Free Technique

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Happy woman with open arms

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