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Tracie created the No Diet Method for weight loss.  Yes, NO DIET! :-)  She integrated many methods, along with tried and true systems, together into one program that allows you to actually design your own No Diet Method.  No more focusing on food, stop the cravings and food addictions, no more guilt every time you put something in your mouth!

Introducing "Your Diet Free Life" 90 Day Program

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The best part of the No Diet Method is that you do NOT diet to lose weight.  How, you ask?  I will teach you!

Through a series of questions in the modules, you will uncover the subconscious programs that have been installed since you were a child. Once you know the programs, and some will surprise you, then I give you the tools to rewrite your subconscious programming and take control of your life.

The No Diet Method in "Your Diet Free Life" 90 day program

With the "90 Days to Your Diet Free Life" program you finally get to eat whatever you want, whenever you want.  That's the real fun in all of this!  YOU control what you eat, the food doesn’t “call your name” and you will no longer feel like you just “have” to have this or that. I use FEFT and other scientifically proven methods to make it nearly impossible NOT to lose weight!

What if you're diabetic?

If you must eat a certain way, say you are diabetic, then you will continue to abstain from foods you should not eat. If you need to lose a LOT of weight, or are simply more comfortable staying on a familiar diet, you will STILL lose weight using the No Diet Method. You will be removing the subconscious programs that have kept your diet from working, you will be removing your stressed responses that cause your body to produce fat hormones AND you will learn to simply enjoy how you eat so that you will not feel like you are on a diet anymore.

There are some practical things you can do also, that you may already know about and may be doing, for instance, don't keep what you don't want to eat in the house, save the unhealthy stuff for occasional treats.  Take a mental inventory before eating, and make sure you are hungry, then only put what you think you will eat on your plate.  Don't be resistant to throwing away what you don’t eat, it will only end up in the toilet later anyway. ;-)

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! Every weight loss client I have helped has lost weight without counting calories or carbs, restricting food or depriving themselves!  If they feel deprived, then they will feel stressed emotions.  Removing the emotional attachments they have toward food, or losing weight, allowed them to naturally lose weight AND keep it off!  (We have an entire week that we work on cravings and addictions!) I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if the program doesn't work for you. (See our refund policy)

Have YOU spent a small fortune dieting?

Okay, how much have you spent on diet books and diet products or special diet food?  What is it worth to you to STOP this diet madness and actually enjoy eating AND lose weight?  Do you want a life with less stress, a life where you are in control instead of auto-responses and auto-programs running your life?

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I will help you to remove the emotional drivers that keep you from permanently losing weight.

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