When it is time to do Faster EFT tapping?

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When is the best time to start your Faster EFT tapping? When an event happens in your life that causes you to feel stressed emotions, do NOT tap just because you are upset and you don’t want to be upset.

The feeling of being upset is just the indicator that there is something here to help you heal. Think about what is upsetting you. Think about other times something like that has happened and how upset you were then. Imagine future events just like this happening too. Do or say whatever you need to in your head so that you feel as bad as you possibly can.

When you feel like there is no way you can feel worse about this situation, THEN start tapping. Keep going back to this event and other events to see if there are any negative feelings or emotions. Keep tapping, checking, tapping etc. until you not only feel good, you feel GREAT! You feel in your personal power.

Remember, people do not take advantage of you, you give them the advantage by how you respond. People don’t make you angry, you make yourself angry with the things you say to yourself in your head. By using Faster EFT tapping, either in your head during the situation or physically after the situation, you give yourself personal power over every situation.

Watch and listen to the video below and hear about my recent stressful event and how I did NOT start tapping right away, even though I felt like tapping so that I would feel better.   Sometimes it IS best to start mental tapping, if you are in the middle of a situation with someone or in public so that you do not say or do something to make the situation worse.  But if you are by yourself, or can excuse yourself to get by yourself, it is well worth doing so.

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