Below are testimonials from people using the

"Living Free Technique"™ & the No Diet Method system

It has been great working with Tracie and learning about Faster EFT. Tracie is an enthusiastic caring person and she goes above and beyond for her clients so that they get the most out of their experience. I feel so much better after my sessions with Tracie. My stress level is reduced as well as the pain in my body. I highly recommend her as a coach.
Christine S.
I have had anxiety visiting my mother since I left home, for over 30 years! Thanks to you I can not only visit her but call her often and actually ENJOY the visits! Thank you so much!
Lynn I
Sorry I haven’t thanked you yet for the session – I was waiting awhile to see if it had any effects yet – well, I haven’t wanted 4 pieces of fried chicken, or had any desire for fried chicken at all for that matter in the last week.
M. R.
I know I still have lots of work to do, but after just one session I am already not reacting to what people say and do in a negative way. I am looking forward to our next visit and I promise to not work so hard at avoiding feeling bad for the last time, because now I know I will feel so much better from now on afterwards. :-)
T. L.
I have had so much depression and anxiety most of my life, along with finding it impossible to lose weight for over 30 years. I started finding relief to my depression and anxiety after my first session with Tracie! Using her No Diet Method home study system, along with several private sessions, I am now happy and I feel so free I could fly!! I can hardly believe I have the keys to continue discovering and changing any future subconscious programs that try to trip me up in the future.
S. H.
I signed up for the No Diet Method program, thinking I would lose weight. Not only have I changed my subconscious programs around food and eating, my relationship with my partner, kids and family has TOTALLY improved in ways I never thought possible. Thank you Tracie!
S. R.